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to What's NEXT.


My passion is about What's NEXT and moving clients into fully embracing the 21st Century. Communication is key and knowing which dots to connect to move your business forward is what I do...


WordPress Website Developer | Social Media Strategist | Production Graphic Artist | Software Trainer | Presentation Coach | Office Systems Strategist
Setting up your website, social media infrastructure, print collateral, and Prezi presentations are just a few things I do...


Having been called a Polly Anna, I feel I wear it with style. Motivating people to move with the cup half full is what I do well! Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to help navigate you through the tech demands of the 21st Century.


Looking for a motivational speaker who ignites their audience? I bring NEXT into everything I talk about. Speaking on technology, social media, and best business practices is something I get paid to do. Large audiences energize me...

What is

In a word…NEXT!

It is a place where all of my worlds come together as one. A place for business innovation and information, tech news, networking, honing skills, ideas, creativity, with a desire to inspire. It is more than a showcase of can dos… it is a place to share ideas, motivate and thrive.



  • WordPress Web Developer
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Production Graphic Artist
  • Adobe and Microsoft
          Certified Software Trainer
  • Public Speaker
  • Presentation Coach
  • Business Systems Strategist

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