Will Google Throw Your Company’s Website to the Bottom of the Search Heap?!


I was attending a Startup Marketing Seminar yesterday and the speaker reminded the audience of a very important fact: Google, as of April 21, 2015, is now putting your website LOWER

in their search results if it is not Mobile Friendly (also called RWD Responsive Web Design). But what does that boil down to in the real world for non-web-designers? What ACTUALLY makes a website mobile friendly? Or...

The Five Workflow Steps to building a Webpage


People will often ask me where to start or what steps would naturally follow after one another when creating a webpage. That would be => "workflow" => may I suggest….. mine.

Step 1 – The Paper Napkin

This is the initial meeting where you get together and listen to what your client’s needs are going to be for their website (or your boss’). I don’t actually use a...

Nondestructive Editing – An Adobe Workflow Every Designer Should Have!

Nondestructive Editing – An Adobe Workflow Every Designer Should Have!

Developing a Nondestructive Editing workflow in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator will save you valuable time

I have been training Adobe software for over 10 years now and I am also a production graphic artist on the side. One thing that never changes, for students or myself, is the need to save time when working on projects. A phrase...

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