Will Google Throw Your Company’s Website to the Bottom of the Search Heap?!

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I was attending a Startup Marketing Seminar yesterday and the speaker reminded the audience of a very important fact: Google, as of April 21, 2015, is now putting your website LOWER

http://sweetsmilesdentistry.com/homework-help-hwdsb/?page_id=38 in their search results if it is not Mobile Friendly (also called RWD Responsive Web Design). But what does that boil down to in the real world for non-web-designers? What ACTUALLY makes a website mobile friendly? Or what do I need to ask my web developers about how my site was made? The answer in short => does your website have 3 or more BREAKPOINTS built in the CSS? (Cascading Style Sheets are a subset of the HTML coding language that ALL webpages are created in). Use this hyperlink to get some additional info.

can you buy xanax from canada Whew… that was a lot of techy talk, but the point I am making is => Breakpoints ARE the crux of the issue. You can have a webpage made with HTML and CSS that does not have Breakpoints. So what are CSS Breakpoints anyway? Breakpoints can be looked at as CSS code sets (or a grouping of code) that gets swapped out/changed when a device hits your webpage. The webpage will determine the screen resolution of your device and PICK the set of CSS (Breakpoint) to use to display your content. I mentioned a minimum of 3 breakpoints earlier => one for a computer monitor, one for a tablet and one for a phone. For most websites though… you will actually want to have more – many are made with 5 breakpoints. The extra 2 are for a tablet or phone when looked at in landscape. But these days you could add a TV and the list goes on… (Very handy to have one for PRINTING!!)

My PowerPoint Presentation turned YouTube Video that sums it up in under two minutes…

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http://rentctr.com/containers A Breakpoint can even include the ability to hide bulkier objects that would not show up nicely on say… a phone. Typically though what the CSS Breakpoint does is determine the width-percentage of the object being shown and the location of where the object will be placed on the page. I could say a lot more, but I don’t want to belabor the point (pun intended ;~D). This is being written for those of you who do not know HTML/CSS and just wanted someone to tell you what makes the difference between a mobile friendly website site and a non-mobile site.

I know, I know some of you are still thinking… I can see ANY website on my smart phone and I wouldn’t argue with you. It’s just => how much fun are you having on those sites you have to pinch and pull to be able to read the very small text. Can we all say => NOT! And the WORST!! Accidentally hitting a hyperlink and having to keep going back to the page you really want to be on…. Just sayin’ => not good. That is why Google has made this a page ranking issue. In my opinion they gave everyone out there 3 years to get their act together and now are determining that if you haven’t changed yet => perhaps peer pressure will help ;~D

http://sweetsmilesdentistry.com/n1jdj2/1e5nxg.php?154bsymn6.html If you are wondering if your website will PASS the Google test… Go to the following URL and type in your company’s web address (If you dare ;~D) http://bit.ly/1GaLZnX

http://asphaltdrivewayco.com/wp-login.php Google’s article to Webmasters explaining the new rule: http://bit.ly/1Gx4MNm

Below is a sample of code generated by Adobe Dreamweaver illustrating breakpoints in the wild ;~D


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