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Nondestructive Editing – An Adobe Workflow Every Designer Should Have!

Nondestructive Editing – An Adobe Workflow Every Designer Should Have!

Developing a Nondestructive Editing workflow in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator will save you valuable time

I have been training Adobe software for over 10 years now and I am also a production graphic artist on the side. One thing that never changes, for students or myself, is the need to save time when working on projects. A phrase...



Part Three: Working with Spacing Elements

This is the LAST thing I do to a webpage layout. Mainly because it’s a waste of time doing it before all of your content has been placed. Spacing is a lot of work and you don’t want to have to do it twice… (If you can help it) In my first two blog posts, I talked about using the 3...

Sizing Elements in Responsive Web Design– Part Two

Part Two: Working with Text

banner2_text_resize In continuing our discussion about Sizing Elements in RWD… We will now look at how to work with text. As mentioned in part one, back in the day… we just assigned a pixel measurement to our text and called it a day. But now we work in EM. What is EM? When I teach Adobe InDesign, I take the time to explain...

Sizing Elements in Responsive Web Design

Part One: Sizing containers

container_sizing_header This topic is the one that sends Designers spinning, mainly because… dun dun dun daaaaaaan… math is involved. In my HTML5 classes I give the following tips to make the process of assigning a size, to a responsive webpage element, go smoothly. The assumption is you have a basic understanding of how to work in HTML and CSS. These tips will work for...

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