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Gina Johnston
Cloud Team Integrator/Founder at | CSSGB, CTT, ACT, MCT
Orange County, California Area | Graphic Design

Small Business is a passion of mine... To create organization and efficiency for Remote Teams, using Cloud Technology is just what gets me up in the morning! That was the catalyst for founding, I am constantly looking for ways to organize and streamline team work economically to give my clients a solid footing in the 21st century. I LOVE what one of my clients told me, "It isn't if we are going to the cloud... it's when". Let's leverage Freemium Cloud Apps to get you there!!

Fun Facts as identified by Myers/Briggs => ENF/TJ and the book "Now, Discover Your Strengths" => Top five greatest strengths: Activator - Individualist - Strategy - Connectedness - Ideation

Certifications: CTT (Certified Technical Trainer), ACI (Adobe Certified Instructor), MOS (Master Microsoft Office Specialist Expert), Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer)

Cloud Team Integrator/Founder (2016 - Present)
Self Owned, myself only, Information Technology & Services builds cloud infrastructure, specializing in small business remote teams, using mobile cloud apps. Customizing your cloud solution to your team, your devices, your security needs, and of course your mobility.'s solution package will move your team's files and communications into the cloud, setting up an infrastructure that can be accessed from anywhere. Following the creation of your cloud system, your team will be trained on how to efficiently integrate it into your daily processes.

You know that Smart Phone you own? Let's get you and your team using it like the computer it was designed for, JOIN the 21st Century!! My passion for NEXT drives my Small Business Cloud Team Strategies, continually generating new ideas to make you and your team more successful. I thrive on keeping up with the cutting edge of technology and how to fit that into my client's unique needs! was birthed out of my own needs. I am a small business owner who needed to share files and communicate with my own clients. I knew it would save time and money to use cloud apps, but by doing this… I found myself asking => why can’t this app work with this other one and why can’t it do such and such? Which is the BEST app for file storage/sharing/editing? Which apps play nicely in the cloud with other apps allowing for company growth and scalability? Which ones have the best user experience on my mobile devices? As I researched and found solutions to these questions, I began to think… I cannot be by myself. The difference with me is... I have spent over 10 years as a certified software trainer. Translation: keeping up with new software/technical systems, for communicating to clients how to use them, based on their needs, is entrenched in my DNA!

"...A Systems Integrator is a person or company that specializes in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together, a practice known as system integration..."

Founder/Consultant (2010 - Present)
Self Employed, myself only, Graphic Design

My passion for NEXT drives my Digital Communication Strategy generating new ideas to connect your brand and your employees to the 21st Century. As a Production Graphic Artist/Social Media Strategist/Corporate Adobe & Microsoft Software Trainer, I thrive on keeping up with the cutting edge of technology. Projects I have taken on include:

Responsive Web Design * CMS WordPress Developer * Production Graphic Artist * InDesign Templates * Prezi Presentations * PowerPoint Presentations * Social Media Infrastructure * Electronic Form Designer * Acrobat Forms * Technology Speaker * Job Seeker Coach * Social Media Content Creator * Software Problem Solver * Electronic Documentation * ePub Documentation