Don’t Chase New Year’s Eve…

The one thing that has always struck me about New Year’s Eve was 1) the number of parties there were on ONE night and 2) how everyone is always driving around to try and find the BEST party!! So much so, that I am now convinced there are more people on the road at 12 midnight, than toasting in the New Year.
I am an unabashed extrovert. When I get an invitation to a party, I only have two questions => when and where. I typically don’t care who is going to be there, because as an extrovert => I will have FUN! But even the most optimistic extrovert has to admit that New Year’s Eve parties/events are tricky. I remember my first New Year’s Eve party was in high school and a complete blast. All of our friends were there and since we couldn’t drive (at the time) we were all at one house. After that fun evening I was hooked => New Year Eve’s parties were going to be GREAT! Problem is… just a few years later (college) I found that New Year’s Eve turned out to be a chase, invited to three or four parties, my friends and I were touring to find the best one and we weren’t the only ones making the front door a turnstile. It would seem everyone else had the same plan, don’t commit to one party – but keep searching for the best. People didn’t usually come right out and say it, but you knew the room scan on entry when you saw it.
After college, I graduated to the New Year’s Eve “event”, if people were going to run to different parties, why not just be in one place with a ton of new people, in LA no less. So you get all dressed up and go to a very nice venue with a couple thousand of your closest friends (not) and celebrate there. That idea lasted ONE year, I had never felt so alone (even though I went with three friends) in my life. It was something I had to experience for myself, but being in a large venue with thousands of people I didn’t know on New Year’s Eve was miserable. Even with the promise of meeting lots of new people, here’s what doesn’t register, perhaps right away, regarding New Year’s Eve… This holiday, is a LOT more PERSONAL, than many people give it credit. Do not take New Year’s Eve for granted, in fact thinking you should escape the friends and family that you just spent the last month with is not the best idea. I have been surprised with how personal New Year’s Eve is and substituting a lot of strangers or party hopping, for time with people who really mean something to you will, in my humble opinion… leave you wanting. Better to be in one place, with a few good friends and family, than canvasing the city in search of the world’s Best New Year Eve’s Party. Let me know what your thoughts are => agreed or not?

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