The Week of Pause

My FAV week out of the 52!

Yessssssssss my FAVORITE week of the year is here!!! It is what I officially call.... Wait for it......... the Week of Pause. It is the week between Christmas and New Years, where I find that many of life's demands are slowed down. I am sure it has been somewhere on your radar, perhaps even verbalized, “let’s talk about that, after the new year…” Most people will tell you, when pressed with a decision at this time, to wait until the holidays are over. Or too many people are on vacation, we’ll deal with it the first week of January. However it is expressed, it is a week when most businesses put, business as usual => on PA-- USE.

The reason why I bring up, what might seem obvious, is that I plan for it. I am happy to be hanging out in the in-between... It is the week I take to reflect on what was and set in motion (prep for) what’s next. The week where the rhythm of life has a different pace and if you don’t fill it with too many to-do’s… You can take advantage of the fact, that you can look around and take time to actually THINK. The mistake you might be tempted to make is filling the week up with a lot of unnecessary distractions. When that temptation comes… Just Say => Pause. I thought I would share... Don't miss this time to stop, think about, and smell the roses.

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